Devyn Clarke

Experience:1 (years)
Starting yoga at the age of 16 opened up a completely new world for me. Being a typical oversensitive, overachieving anxious teenage, I was looking for a way to calm my mind. I remember the one hour a week that I practiced yoga being the only time I was at peace, relaxed and not feeding my monkey brain. Throughout the years, yoga became not only a release and a necessity, it became a way of life. Yoga is so much more than being flexible and balancing on your head, the physical asana practice (what we do when we go to a yoga class) is less than 20% of what yoga represents. Completing my 200 hr RYTT allowed me to explore this other 80%. The whole experience filled me with so much inspiration and gratitude. Upon returning to Dubai, I have begun teaching free yoga classes on the beach for charity. All donations received go towards supporting over 250 orphanage and slum school children in Bangladesh. Please see my FB page and IG for more details. Also offering private lessons.
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