Sneha Arora

Experience:12 (years)
I started my journey as a yoga practitioner at a very young age.Being a vocalist by profession, my Guru, and mentor guided me to make Yoga a way of life for me. Having my initial exposure to the oldest Yoga Institute in Bombay, India, changed my life. Since, I continued my studentship as a Yogini, learning from different masters from different parts of the India.Singing Kirtans is my closest passions. Having taught in countries like India, Hongkong, Turkey and Dubai, gave me the learning of an additional skill of becoming a catalyst and consultant to Yoga studios, to create spiritual,community as well as financial value for their sustainability. Having seen the urban culture grow into a stressful way of living, Yoga studios today hold great importance to balance out the same.I came up with my consultancy business along with teaching, where in I hold the ability to guide Yoga studios about their growth as well as create awareness amongst lay people about the importance of making Yoga a way of living.
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