Zeid Bataineh

Experience:7 (years)
For seven years, Zeid sought out different types of yoga in search of the true philosophy behind the ancient practice. It was in an ashram in India that taught a traditional form of yoga called 'Tantra' that quenched Zeid's search. He spent four months living and breathing the system where he also received his 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) certificate. Tantra is a combination of two Sanskrit words roughly meaning "essence of essence". The system's underlying principle is that we are infinite beings that express our individuality in an all encompassing, absolute conscious reality – it sees yoga as more than a practice that builds external strength through the Āsanas, but as a non- competitive tool to balance our internal realities, ultimately to achieve a blissful experience of our true self. It became Zeid's passion to share the ways of the traditional Tantric system by culturing his students to follow their intuition through the Āsanas. Through teaching the practice, he aims to influence his students' lives off the matt by teaching them how to flow through life as they do during the Āsanas – skilfully and efficiently.

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